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Astrology readings and consultations to know your power and purpose

Grab this bargain – usually this report cost: $76, but for a short time you can get it for $39.

This will tell you your gifts, super-powers, money style, work, relationships, health, end of life and leadership skills.

It’s good for knowing more about yourself, your children, or for someone you’re dating or want to be involved with at work. This report can tell you who is a good partner, financially responsible, heart-centered and/or good in business and it can give you a lot of answers – but, if you’ve had a reading from me in the past, then most likely you’ve already received this report – so get one for someone else you know.

This is not available anywhere else. I translated this material from an ancient manuscript that I found in London and have worked for many years to test this information. You can’t get it anywhere else – and for the next few months, it’s just $39.

A deep dive into your chart, gifts, and superpowers. You get four reports: the Life Story (see above), power and purpose (NN report), an understanding of your chart, and a look at your progressed chart with the pre-destined events of the past and the next few years. This goes deeper and further than other astrology readings … cost is $186 – four written reports – plus a phone consult for you to ask questions.

Know the future – best times to act – and what good things are coming. The first reading is $127 and it’s your entry into the “done-for-you” timing where you can get weekly updates and monthly calendars with void times, plus specific dates linked to your birth chart – Mars and Venus returns, eclipse dates, New Moons, aspects and transits.

That will tell you the good times to act – when to relax – and most important, when to pull back because anything that you start during those times will go sideways and no matter how hard you try to move forwards, those ventures will not complete.

Royalty, celebrities and corporations pay thousands to know this timing, but you can have them all for $37 a month and get counseling and support as part of the package.


Astrology uses symbols.. Because a symbol is universal and can incorporate ideas, personality traits, energies and actions. It would take pages to explain the power and temperament of mars – but a single symbol can encompass it all

- Jenni Stone


Your reading described me exactly. It was spot on.

Julie C

Your reading saved me many sleepless nights wondering when things would change – now I know when everything will get better, and even though it’s still about four years away, I can hang in there.

Janet D'Arc

Amazing – it’s spot on.

Susan Pines

You gave me a life plan and now I know where to go and when to act. 

Mary Dractor