Cosmic Crack

by Jenni Stone

Astrology readings and consultations to know your power and purpose

This will tell you your gifts, super-powers, money style, work, relationships, health, end of life, and leadership skills. It’s good for knowing more about yourself, your children, or for someone you’re dating or want to be involved with at work. 

Secret to Getting stuff done 


Jenni Stone has writing about astrology for almost 30 years – her articles have been published in Vogue, The Guardian, Daily Mail – on the Web at: Business Insider – and she’s a regular guest of “Shine On” radio on 100.7 WHUD

Jenni is considered an expert on cosmic timing and her Moon Void-of-course article for the Mountain Astrologer has been on this magazine’s website for more than 15 years as “Editor’s Choice” – but it’s her gift for writing about difficult concepts in a way that’s easy to understand that brings thousands of followers to read her daily updates on Facebook.
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Power, Purpose Direction – astrology for the 2020’s – no chart needed to find your Life Purpose, just look up your birth year in this book

Mission Statement

“My mission is to help people connect to the energy, power and wisdom of the Universe” – Jenni Stone


What the press says

CBS news says that Millenials are using astrology to decide everything from how to cope with challenges to who they should date and they want to learn the meaning of planets, signs and aspects.

Atlantic Magazine said: astrology is perfectly suited for the Internet age – it’s easy to get into and there’s endless depths to plumb.

Google, The Guardian, New York Times, NBC News and the New Yorker Magazine write that 60% of Millennials believe in astrology – and the New York Post says they’re obsessed.

When we are in service profession like mine – architecture – it is critical not to demand or negotiate when there is astrological VOID as even one bad meeting can stop or derail with terrible expense a project. Sending out promo is so crucial to have it timed right… That’s where the calendar like Jenni’s for the month is crucial But FIRST one needs to know one’s own planetary make up. It strengths and weaknesses in order see the ‘weather’ out there as that allows one to know when active planets are forceful or helpful. I have personally been hit by mars in ways that changed my life is a very scary way in seconds.

- Tapani Talo

Architect, AIA

Jenni’s profile of my husband is so spot on I am both delighted and amazed. We’re making plans for the next season of our lives together, and knowing our strengths, gifts, and challenges makes that planning much easier. How I wish I’d had this profile before we got married. Navigating the pitfalls of family, relationships, career, and particularly money would be much easier. But now I feel as if we have a roadmap based on our authentic temperaments. This is essential.

- Brook Packard

I was blaming myself for not being successful, but then I got the Power Days calendars and used the good energy days to get things done – took time off during the voids and that made all the difference to my business.

Astrology uses symbols.. Because a symbol is universal and can incorporate ideas, personality traits, energies and actions. It would take pages to explain the power and temperament of mars – but a single symbol can encompass it all

- Jenni Stone


Amazing – it’s spot on.

Susan Pines

Your reading described me exactly. It was spot on.

Julie C

You gave me a life plan and now I know where to go and when to act. 

Mary Dractor

Your reading saved me many sleepless nights wondering when things would change – now I know when everything will get better, and even though it’s still about four years away, I can hang in there.

Janet D'Arc

I know very little about astrology so I appreciate Jenni’s quick and easy power day messages and the void of moon calendar.  Had I consulted the calendar before scheduling in-depth dental surgery I could have avoided considerable Novacaine injections before the surgeon informed me that he couldn’t continue because the procedure required more work than he could do that day. It wasn’t until I checked the calendar that I saw the entire day was void. Lesson learned.

Cathy Lipsky


This is so amazing! We had an open house viewing as you suggested thursday 9 of april . After that there has been a bidding that is ongoing. At the moment the bidding for the house has gone up 24% from the starting price!!! No one could have imagined this. Now, today is a strong day for me so I’ve decide to accept a price bid. Then, a preliminary contract has to be signed. Tomorrow 12 april there is void most of the day… May I ask you what you suggest about signing a contract…? . Date, time? I would gladly pay for your advice on this.

- Poppi

The Power Days inspire me to reach out to someone on those days that I may not have otherwise done – and the real value is knowing and planning ahead because that gives me such an advantage

Regina Huber

CEO of Transform Your Performance